A Guided Tour of Worthington, OH in 1964


Potter Lumber had a good long run, but succumbed, as most small businesses do, to generational change. Today, there is a self-storage facility there, which is really boring compared to a lumber yard.

I notice a lot of construction activity behind Potter Lumber. Could they by constructing the General Electric Industrial Diamonds plant? Indeed they are. Industrial plants do have a natural lifespan, and this one is now reaching the end. In the 1960's making industrial diamonds was leading edge technology. Today, it you aren't making them in China with $2 per day labor then you aren't a player in the business. Needless to say, General Electric dumped this plant and now it is owned by "Diamond Innovations". Don't be suprised to hear about Worthington losing another major manufacturing facility in the near future...

In the very bottom left corner you can see the roof of the Keebler Biscuit factory which was at the corner of Proprietor's Road and 161. It was later purchased by Worthington Foods, who was gobbled up and shut down by Kellogs. The building was torn down in 2005, and is being replaced with "office condos". The trend in Worthington is as ominous as it is unstoppable - high value land use is being replaced by low-value. For the sake of the schools, you better pray that we don't lose the beer plant.