Northland Mall


Northland Mall was the first enclosed mall in the nation. It thrived from 1964 - 2002 when Columbus constructed Polaris Mall, which ate it's lunch. I dropped by just before the wrecking ball and took some goodbye pictures in 2003, and then its demolition in February 2004.

new 1/9/07! I wasn't the only one to visit Northland Mall before its demise. Check out's Northland Mall page!

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Northland was owned by the same Jacob whom the Cleveland Indian's Jacob's field is named after. I like this sign. Its supports have a human appearance. Ah, the arch in front of Sears. Anyone remember Sears? They clothed and furnished my childhood.
The Lazarus remains today as the Schottenstein headquarters. All other attempts to redevelop the mall have failed to date, and it remains a rubble strewn field. They were open to sell the fixtures. Here is the main mall. Originally, this mall was open and the roof was added later. The roof is about to be removed again... If you need seven hundred feet of chrome edged shelving, then this would have been the sale for you.
A bunch of guys were swearing in Spanish as they yanked out the kitchen fixtures in the food court. They added the food court in the 1990's.  Jacob kept trying until the Columbus City Council gave Polaris every tax break in the book and killed off not only Northland, but The Continent, Graceland and Kingsdale Shopping Center in Arlington. Polaris was a neutron bomb inside the outerbelt - it killed businesses but left the buildings standing! Polaris plus meant that just about every book store inside the outerbelt closed in the early 2000's. Remember Little Professor at Worthington Square Mall?
The lighted up directory. The people running the sale noticed me taking pictures and I had to leave. Nobody likes you taking pictures of stuff anymore. Plenty of parking! Remember when you couldn't get a spot here the weekend before Christmas?
The General Cinema. In the late 90's people were getting mugged after leaving the theater, as the area was going downhill fast. This didn't help Northland's fate.  This was a Bank, I believe. When Columbus City Government writes off a part of town, they really do it right. Now we've left 2003 and its February 2004. Mayor Coleman has spoken - the mall must go!
Demolition. This is the main entrance they installed when the food court was added. Looking towards Lazarus. You never see buildings built out of blue glazed brick anymore.
Remember the old Sears Automotive. In its declining years, Sears was involved in one scam after another, including selling people used batteries.
Arial view