This set of pictures are from July, 2004. This portion of Graceland is about to be torn down to make way for the new Target, which they plan to open a year from when these pictures were taken.

Here is a view looking along what would become the front of the new Target. The store with the red facade was the former J.C. Penney. A Grey Drugs occupied the brown facaded section. In the 1980's, the strip was renovated in what could only be described as "neo-renaissance highway overpass".
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Another view of the former Grey Drug. Seasonal Concepts was a bit of a vagabond, moving several times throughout the center as renovations took its former locations.

This is the portion that faced High Street. Subway was the only tenant there to come back after it was rebuilt, and we eat there all the time.

More of the High Street side. China Garden moved towards the back of the center, and reopened about 2 years after this was taken in July, 2004.

Now for some pictures I took of the brand new Target on July 9, 2005. It was 12 days until the store would open. I wanted to record what the store looked like brand new, before the parking lot was covered with slurpy cups and the red balls got all scuffed up. You can click on any picture to enlarge it.






On the portion of the building facing High Street, there were store fronts.

The "Bear Rock Cafe" went here on the corner. It came and went before I could get a picture, although my wife ate in there a few times. The restaurant business is a tough one. As of January, 2008, this location is still empty.