The main Graceland sign. From left to right, 1970, 2003 and 2005.

If you live in Worthington or Clintonville, odds are that Graceland Shopping Center has played a big role in your consumer life. Graceland was built on a former horse farm, named "Graceland", that was co-owned by a Columbus Bookmaker and his wife, a Madam. When the property came up for sale, the Casto and Gibson families purchased it for $100,000. The center opened in 1954, and had a good run through the 1980's.

Competition from Sawmill Road, Crosswoods, and later Easton and Polaris stressed the center. A low point was reached on February 8, 2004 when Big Bear closed, leaving only a handful of tenants in the empty center. In a vote of confidence for the area, Don Casto attracted a Target Store and invested big money to rebuild the center beginning in 2005. Today, the center is as busy as it was in the late 50's, and seems to have a solid future ahead of it.

Shirley Hyatt has written a fantastic book on Clintonville History with more Graceland pictures. She has a website on Clintonville History as well.

New!  I've added a video section to the menu on the left. Also, I have been following the tear down of the old Woolco (a.k.a. Burlington Coat Factory) building, and the construction of a nice new Urban Active Fitness Center. You can see the latest pictures on the Woolco Page

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