Welcome to my history site for the wonderful and historic Colonial Hills Subdivision of Worthington, Ohio. In 2005 I wrote a history of Colonial Hills on Wikipedia. Since then, I've continued to collect historical photos and newspaper articles about the Hills, and wanted to share them with you.

I've started a collection of historic movies from Colonial Hills, and added a "Video" link to the left side. Thanks to Dave on Kenbrook Drive, we have a real treasure. The video above was taken by Raymond S. Baby who lived at 280 E. Selby Blvd. This film was shot after the Great Thanksgiving Blizzard on November 25th, 1950, probably on the 26th as everyone was digging out. This storm is famous because it struck with full force as Ohio State was playing Michigan in Columbus, and this game was ever after known as the Snow Bowl. I believe that the woman and child shown toward the end of the clip was Raymond's wife Margaret and their son. Note that on the house sign for 280 E. Selby, they engrave "Raymar" - Raymond & Margaret!

George Campbell
October 3, 2008

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